Students Get 568 Km Per Liter, Hope For More

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Sakarya University students with their hydrogen-powered car. Photo via SAİTEM.
Gas prices in Turkey are among the highest -- if not the highest -- in the world, a fact I was rudely awakened to last summer when some friends and I rented a car to drive from Istanbul to Edirne, a round-trip of around 500 kilometers, to watch the oil-wrestling championships. (A story in and of itself.) We paid about $100 for the gas alone, some 38 liters of it. If we'd been driving the SAHİMO, a car invented by Turkish university students, we could have gone all the way across the country -- more than three times farther -- on just three liters of fuel.The SAHİMO is a hydrogen-powered car built by students from Sakarya University in northwestern Turkey. Last year, it was voted the third-most fuel-efficient vehicle in the 26th Shell Eco Marathon, an annual race across Europe. The students hope to best their results at this year's Global Green Challenge, which will take some 20 electric, hybrid, alternative fuel, and low-emission production and prototype vehicles across the continent of Australia, from Darwin to Adelaide.

Aiming for 1,000 kilometers/liter
"This contest takes place once every two years, and is more prestigious," Fazlı Melemez, a fourth-year engineering student and the president of the Sakarya University Advanced Technologies Implementation Group (SAİTEM) club, which developed the car, told Today's Zaman. "We are hoping to raise our record from 568 kilometers on one liter of hydrogen up to a full 1,000 kilometers on one liter, and we believe we can do it."

The SAHİMO cost $170,000 to build and weighs just 110 kilograms. The 40-member SAİTEM team previously created a solar-powered Grand-Prix-style race car called the SAGUAR and has also experimented with solar-powered boats. Via: "Turkish students create fuel-efficient pride of Turkey," Today's Zaman
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