NYT Newsweek Looking for Hybrid Drivers


The New York Times Newsweek is once again doing a story about hybrid cars and they've asked us to help them find the right people. Here are the criteria:

I'm a New York Times writer doing on piece [for Newsweek] on how Honda is retooling its hybrid strategy. As such, I'm looking for someone who switched from a Honda hybrid to a Prius, or, someone in a Honda hybrid now, but intends to buy a Prius next time, or, a Honda loyalist who shopped for a Honda hybrid, but ended up in a Prius. Please contact [Info Removed]

If you fit the bill or know someone who does, please contact Mary quickly. When she has found enough people, we'll remove the contact information from this post.

Update: Sorry for the confusion. Mary is a NYT journalist, but the piece is for Newsweek.

Update 2: Thanks to those who contacted Mary. We have now removed the contact info.