Stowboard—Fold'n Play Commuting


We love things that go on people power, things that fold up small, things that look fresh. So here's a promising candidate, the Stowboard. This folding skateboard gizmo goes from a mere 11 inches folded to 31 inches when unfolded and ready to ride. Unfolded, you can also hang your backpack on it and use it as a luggage roller. The website points out that this could help avoid the legal darts of places where skating is frowned on: "the fact that you're surfing on a luggage carrier is just a technicality." Stowboard also sells a custom backpack with a compartment for the board. Looks like this could be a great way to go that last mile from the train station to the office—and not look like an aging skater punk in a suit. :: Stowboard