State-of-the-Art REVA Electric Car Factory Planned in India

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New Factory Boasts Electric Buses, Solar Power, and Rainwater Harvesting
It may have made Michael's list of the ugliest eco-cars, and it's hardly one of the super sexy new breed of electric sports cars. But the REVA (or G-Wiz as it is known in the UK) is a rare thing - an electric vehicle that is affordable, and is being used on the roads in increasing numbers. And while Toyota is postponing factory construction and Tesla is rethinking its manufacturing model, REVA have just announced the construction of a new manufacturing facility in Bangalore. And it's not just the cars that are going to be greener - click below the fold for some of the impressive eco-features at the new site. Unfortunately REVA's own website doesn't seem to have details of the factory posted yet - but if the press release they've sent us is anything to go by, REVA is setting its sights high in terms of sustainability:

The new 18,212 sqm state-of-the-environment production facility has a contemporary design and low energy requirements. It is being built to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building rating system standard, which is an internationally accepted rating system and benchmark for evaluating and certifying sustainable sites. The assembly floor is complemented architecturally by an administration block that, in an initial audit carried out by certifying agencies, will qualify for platinum level LEED certification.

The environmentally-friendly facilities will include rainwater harvesting, natural light and ventilation, solar energy harvesting, steel structure technology and a C02 monitor. For the staff there will be a modern canteen, games room and electric buses to transport them to and from work. The surrounding area will be fully landscaped with plants and flowers.

Impressive stuff at a time when factories are closing and cars are sitting on showroom floors around the world. Let's hope REVA can pull this off, despite the current market turmoil, and let's hope others in the industry are taking note.

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