Spy Shots of the 2009 Toyota iQ Microcar

Toyota iQ photo

Toyota iQ Microcar
A few months ago we wrote about the Toyota iQ, a small upcoming urban car that seemed quite fuel efficient. We received a lot of positive feedback, so we kept our ear to the ground for new developments.

Winding Road has some spy shots of a Toyota iQ mule car that was out for testing. As with most of these spy shots, the car is disguised and doesn't look very good, but you can still get an idea of the shape and proportions.

Toyota iQ photo

Toyota iQ Interior
The iQ will offer a new seat concept with 3+1 seats meaning that the iQ is roomier then it looks. Three adults and a child or some luggage should be able to sit comfortably.

Thanks to a long wheelbase and almost no overhangs Toyota got the maximum of space in this little car. Also details like the flat fuel tank under the seats, a smaller heater / air condition unit and slimmer sears helps to extend the room.

Toyota has great expectations for this car and are hoping for sales figures around 100.000 the first year. And with the fuel price rising almost every day now, a small car like the iQ is a smart choice

More Photos of Toyota's iQ Urban Microcar
For more photos, see Winding Road: First Images of 2009 Toyota iQ Microcar on the Street.

Spy Shots of the 2009 Toyota iQ Microcar
Winding Road has some spy

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