Spy Shots: Honda's Upcoming Hybrid Looks Like... a Prius

New Honda hybrid spy shot photo
Honda's New Hybrid
When hybrid cars were first introduced, most automakers seemed to think that people would want hybrids that looked like any other car. But it turned out that people are not ashamed to drive hybrids, some even see it as a way to spread the word, and the distinctive Toyota Prius became a big hit.

Honda has said that it will soon release a new hybrid-only model (the Insight name might be revived for it), but until now we had no idea what it would look like. Thanks to these spy shots by KGP Photography, we can see that the Honda hybrid looks eerily similar to the Prius. At first, couldn't believe this wasn't just a Prius in disguise, but if you compare the shape of the rear doors to those of the Prius, the hood, the grille, etc, you'll see some differences, so maybe it's real. Read on for more photos.New Honda hybrid spy shot photo

Regardless of how it looks, lets hope that it will be greener than the Prius in a significant way. After all, the current model of Prius has been around since 2004.

New Honda hybrid spy shot photo
New Honda hybrid spy shot photo

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