Spied: Fuel Cell Hybrid Toyota Highlander in Death Valley


Summer in Death Valley, Calif. is not a fun place to be. With temperatures pushing the mercury to 125°F and above, auto engineers bring their cars here to see if they make the grade. Steep hills around the valley provide the perfect place for pulling heavily loaded trailers up the hills, heating engines and radiators to the boiling point; "ideal" conditions for testing many of the world's new cars. Recently, there was an unusual sight in Death Valley, and photographs prove it wasn't just a mirage: a Toyota fuel cell vehicle. Usually reserved for the flash bulbs and live blogging of international car shows, the FCHV (Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle) "prototype" was seen being put through it's paces, just like any other almost-ready-for-production vehicle. Could it mean that the FCHV is ready to roll into showrooms? Almost certainly not (since the only thing we've actually been able to buy is this kit car), but we're glad to see that Toyota is serious enough about developing fuel cell vehicles that they'd take one out to the desert, flog it and then leave it idling in the sun. ::World Car Fans via ::Jalopnik