Speeding Driver Kills Nearly an Entire Flock of Sheep

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Pastoral life has long been emblematic of a harmonious relationship between man and nature -- but that was all shattered recently in a horrific accident that killed nearly an entire flock of sheep. The incident took place on a roadway in Macedonia after a speeding motorist, driving twice the posted limit, slammed into the flock -- killing at least 30 sheep and leaving the street "covered in blood." Fortunately for the driver, he walked away from the accident uninjured; his car, however, was totaled. Police say that they are investigating the incident and that the shepherd may face charges.The motorist, who is identified simply as B.G., was traveling at around 60 mph when he collided with a flock of sheep -- despite the fact that the posted speed limit is half that velocity. According to police, 30 sheep were killed in the incident and the vehicle was "completely destroyed." The driver walked away without injury.

Shepherd Dejanco Mihajlovski, who lost nearly his entire flock, insists that 37 of his sheep were killed. He describes the events leading up to the horrific scene, translated from Press Online:

The car was about a kilometer (0.62 miles) away , and I thought it was safe to cross the road with a sheep -- however, the car was moving at enormous speeds in excess of 100 kilometers per hour and crashed into the herd with terrible strength. The picture was horrible. [The road] was covered in sheep blood.

Aside from the needless bloodshed, local media estimate the sheep's value at around $4,500.

According to the report, other shepherds in the region have become fearful of such accidents as drivers continue to travel through the countryside at high speeds. In the last week, two serious auto-accidents on that same road left five people dead.

Police say that they are investigating this latest incident and that both the driver and the shepherd may face charges -- the former for speeding and the latter for obstructing the roadway.

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