Speed Camera Lottery Could Save Lives and Fuel!

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Let's Hope it Won't Stay Just a Commercial (See Video Below)
German car maker Volkswagen has produced a series of ads based on "fun theory", the simple idea that if something is fun or if there's something in it for you, you are more likely to do it than if you're just "supposed to". It's pretty simply psychology, yet if we look at everything we're supposed to do, that fact is very rarely taken into account by authorities. One of the ads is about a special speed camera (see the video below): Like a regular speed camera, it can fine drivers who go over the speed limit, but there's also a carrot to go with that stick. If you follow the speed limit, you are entered into a lottery with cash prizes! This is not only good law enforcement, but I also think there's a big green angle...
Just Imagine
If speed camera lottery was deployed in enough locations, and if the lottery was managed properly, it could make quite a big difference. Just imagine if instead of having 1 chance out of many millions of winning a huge amount, you instead had a much higher chance of winning small amounts. It could all be automatized with small overhead, and the money from speed fines could go back directly to drivers who obey speed limits. This would be a double incentive; a stick when you go too fast, and a carrot when you drive at a proper speed. And if there are many small prizes and good drivers got them almost every month, it would make the whole thing much more memorable to them (and to their friends and family, who they no doubt will discuss their winnings with!) and have a much higher chance of reinforcing good behavior than if good drivers never win because chances are too low (even if the pot is bigger).

Indirectly, this would make streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists, reduce fuel consumption and air pollution, and potentially reduce stress. It might even save drivers some time because lots of traffic lights are timed based on posted speed limits, so if you don't speed, you have a higher chance of catching green lights. Win-win-win...

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