Sonoma County Welcomes Electric Vehicles With Plans For 200 Charging Stations

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Sonoma County, CA is preparing to install 200 new ChargePoint electric vehicle charging stations throughout the county. The infrastructure is being installed in preparation of electric vehicles being sold like hot cakes starting over the next few years, but the plan hinges on a little thing called funding.Seven Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint charging stations are now installed and available for commercial and public use around the county. The county has applied for grant funding and is hoping to be able to install an additional 200 stations over the next two years. Sonoma County is the fourth county in the Bay Area to install EV charging stations.

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Image via: Coulomb Technologies
Sonoma County has over 475,000 residents in a 1,600 square mile area. The charging stations will be open to the public during the day and then will be used to charge fleet vehicles overnight. With the additional stations, government workers on assignment in remote areas would still be able to "fill up" and work anywhere in the county. The stations also have a data component that provides managers information on greenhouse gas emissions saved, "gasoline" savings, as well as information on charges that abnormally terminate and statistics on EV charging in general.

Consumers interested in powering up, simply join ChargePoint and get a Smart Card access card that allows them membership privileges to the still relatively new (and exclusive) electric vehicle club. The cards allow members to refuel at any ChargePoint station worldwide. Coulomb Technologies charging stations can accommodate 120V 15A to 240V 80A AC vehicles with plans to also charge 120 kW DC vehicles. :ChargePoint

The stations are currently located in Santa Rosa at the following locations:

Sonoma County Hall of Justice – 600 Administration Drive (two stations)

Sonoma County Administration Center – 575 Administration Drive

Sonoma County Permit & Resource Development Department – 2550 Ventura Avenue

Sonoma County Department of Health Services – 475 Aviation Boulevard

Sonoma County Human Services Department – 3600 Westwind Boulevard

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