Solazyme B100 Algae Biodiesel Goes on the Road


We recently wrote about Solazyme, a company that is working on making biodiesel with algae. Their approach is interesting: They grow the algae in the dark, and they've been focusing on how to scale production from the start so they might avoid some of the problems facing other algae producers. Their latest milestone is that they've successfully road-tested all blends of their "Soladiesel" algal biodiesel up to B100, which is pure bio-goodness. Okay, so the stuff works. Now lets see how it scales and how energy-positive its production is. ::Solazyme Ups Soladiesel Testing to B100. See also: ::New Company to Produce Biodiesel From Algae, ::Biodiesel from Algae and the Biofuels Discussion in Argentina, ::GreenFuel: Producing Biofuel from Algae and Power-Plant Emissions

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