Solar Taxi Sets Off Today

We mentioned Louis Palmer a couple of weeks ago. He's the Swiss teacher who aims to drive around the world in a solar taxi he has built himself. Today he's setting off on his epic journey, which will take him 50,000 km through 50 countries.

Again, if you are willing to help, then get in touch with the group. They're looking to arrange visits on their travels. "Organise our visit in your town! We are looking for organisors and people who help us when we arrive. Give us a place to stay, organise the media, organise a school in your neighbourhood that we can visit or come to one of our events! Send us your idea before you start doing anything. We are looking forward to hearing from you!"

The video above is in Swiss-German, but it gives you a really good look at the car. We'll keep you up to date with progress as the project continues, and wish them the very best of luck. ::AutoBlogGreen