Solar Taxi Making a Splash in Bali


Back in July we covered the story of Swiss teacher Louis Palmer, whose aim is to drive around the world in a 'solar taxi' powered by 64 square feet of solar panels and a battery pack. Sound half-baked? Well, since his departure on July 3rd, Palmer has travelled by land and sea through 17 countries, and is now parked in front of the registration tent at the Climate Change Conference in Bali. There, he has taken delegations from several countries, including Uganda and Brazil, for a ride.

The car, which was built over three years thanks to help from several universities and over a dozen Swiss companies, can travel 62 miles a day. Solar panels in Switzerland offset the emissions from cloudy days when the team is forced to plug into the grid. The ultimate goal is to demonstrate that there are solutions to global warming. Said Palmer, "It's the first time in history that a car is driving around the world without a single drop of petrol."

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