Solar Sailor

We’ve showcased hybrid cars and hybrid bicycles before and now is time make mention of the watery equivalent. Hybrid marine power combines electric drives with the power and range of hydrocarbon and/or alternative fuels. Solar panels charge the electric engines to offer better acceleration, quicker emergency stopping and easier handling. Although useful for applications such as tourism, recreation and fishing, they also under scrutiny for duty as urban ferries, where they would use 50% less fuel, generating a correspondingly 50% less emissions. Passengers also experience less noise, vibration and fumes. But the solar wings are not passive. They can be adjusted, so as to act like real cloth sales, ... ... with boat speeds of 8-10 knots having been achieved, cutting fuel consumption even futher. If wind speed hit 35 knots, a computer lowers the sails into the roof where they offer zero windage. A 140 passenger craft, with speeds of 20 knots has more recently been developed. Apparently zero water pollution is possible, using a hybrid powered craft such as this. ::Solar Sailor and ::Solar Sailor Europe [by WM]