Solar Roadway Prototype Lights Up


Images by YERT via Solar Roadways

Three years ago, we were pretty dismissive of Scott Brusaw's solar roadway. However you couldn't deny the guy's passion; he took the time to respond to every commenter's complaint.

Six months ago Scott received a $ 100,000 grant to build a prototype, and had to deal with the sceptics again; the Infrastructurist called the whole idea "batshit crazy"

But crazy or not, Scott just keeps going; now he has built his prototype.


There is still good reason to be sceptical; that is a lot of wiring. Scott's $ 35 trillion idea of repaving America in solar roadways is still down the pike a bit.


But if nothing else, it will make a killer disco. Solar Roadways via Inhabitat

Read our correspondence with Scott, where he explains all.