Solar Powered Eco-Concept Vessel


Wallenius Wilhelmsen, a ocean transportation company, has designed a zero-emission water vessel to carry cars. The concept vessel, named "E/S Orcelle", would release no emissions into the air or the sea.
In the design, solar energy is harnessed through panels in the vessel’s three sails, which also help propel the vessel using wind power. The sails are made out of a lightweight composite material.
Wave power is harvested by....twelve fins, which will be able to transform wave energy into hydrogen, electricity or mechanical energy. The fins double as propulsion units. A pod-type electric propulsion system dispenses with the traditional stern propeller and rudder arrangement.

Through the use of lightweight materials, including aluminium and thermoplastic composites, the design eliminates the need for ballast water tanks. According to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), ballast water is one of the main environmental threats to the world’s oceans. Wallenius Wilhelmsen proposes to completely eliminate the need to take on, and release, ballast water, by using an innovative pentamaran hull - featuring a long and slender main hull and four supporting sponsons.


The company has no immediate plans to build a prototype of the E/S Orcelle. The company will work with others to develop the technologies embodied within the concept design, so it will become practical to build within the next 20 years.

:: Wallenius Wilhelmsen

by Justin Thomas