Solar Powered Car to Hit Streets in Taiwan


It started out as a Taiwanese entry in the Australian World Solar Challenge and was scaled up. "As [our team] has done quite well in the past 10 years at international solar car races -- this year ranking second out of more than 50 cars at the WSC -- we decided two years ago to broaden our advanced solar technology applications and make a car for the consumer market," says team leader Ay Herchang. "At a time when carbon emission reduction and fighting global warming are top priorities of governments and people, a wholly solar-powered car would offer a good alternative for the green-minded."


original apollo solar car had a little less room but could travel at 145 Km/h

It ended up as a 250 Kg (550 lbs) two-seater capable of 70 Km/h (44 mph) that can run for three hours on a charge, and will cost about NT$800,000 ( US$24,600).

On vehicle safety, Ay said: "Parts of the car will be made with Nomex honeycomb, a material widely used in aircraft and aerospace components for its high strength, excellent impact and fire resistance as well as its light weight." ::Taipei Times

Before readers start complaining about the high price, it would have cost a third less a year ago before the fall of the American dollar.

UPDATE: See our earlier post on the Venturi Eclectic from France, already on the road. Thanks for the tip, Susan!

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