Solar-Powered & 80 MPH: Phylla Electric Concept Car Driven

phylla electric car photo

image: Fiat

OK, so it won’t be winning any speed records, and frankly I think aesthetically design is a bit wonky (I know, I know, it’ll probably change in production, but it still looks far too Hello Kitty happy bubbly computer icon for me) but the solar powered Phylla electric car was recently unveiled and test driven by some Italian VIP guests at the Turin Environment Park.

Here are the relevant tech stats:
Two Adults Plus Kids For 90 Miles

The Phylla prototype is a 2+2 seat sub-A-segment urban car that captures solar energy in order to power electric motors that drive all four of its wheels. The car is 1980 mm high, 2995 mm long and 1618 mm high, with a luggage capacity of 142 litres (2+2 seats) 584 litres (2 seats).

Riding on a lightweight split-frame aluminium chassis, the Phylla weighs just 750 kg (of which 150 kg is the battery weight) and it boast a 145 km range when using lithium ion batteries, or 220 km with lithium polymer ones in situ. The 0 to 50 km/h dash is achieved in six seconds, while top speed is 130 km/h.

Say what you like about the Phylla's maximum speed, but solar powered and 80 mph is pretty great... The range however probably has to be improved, at least a bit. Even running around a city and the the surrounding suburbs all day--this sort of vehicle isn't designed for long range travel--you could easily run down a battery.

via: AutoBlogGreen (which has the full press release)

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