Smart Forspeed Concept EV Gets 85 Miles Per Charge, Recharges in 45 Minutes

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Images by Daimler, via AutoBlogGreen

Do you remember the Smart fortwo? That adorable tiny clown car that's perfect for electric car lovers? We haven't heard a whole lot about it lately, though it's no matter because now Daimler's minicar maker is unveiling out a concept car called Smart forspeed. And it is every bit as adorable. forspeed back image
AutoBlogGreen reports, "Overall, the Forspeed echos the Smart Crossblade that was made in limited numbers in the early 2000s. Just to emphasize that the Forspeed is a pure concept, it comes equipped with some interesting taillights, no external door handles and since it's sans-roof, there's a toneau cover that can either coat the entire interior or just the passenger side if you get caught in the rain."

While yes, it's definitely a concept (word is it will never go to production because it won't be profitable, but elements will be carried into other models), it looks awesome:

forspeed concept image

As far as the interior goes, eMercedesBenz reports, "The interior of the car offers a minimalist design similar to what you would see on a boat, with a notable addition being a smart phone housing that can be tilted 90 degrees to face the driver. Adding a touch of luxury to the smart's interior are leather door pulls, a leather-trimmed steering wheel and gear knob. The boost switch to unleash the... wait for it... 7bhp... is located in the center console."

forspeed concept image

According to AutoBlogGreen, the Forspeed concept can get from 0 to 37 mph in 5.5 seconds with its 41 horsepower electric motor. Okay so it's no Tesla Roaster, but that's nothing to scoff at. It can get up to 75 mph, so while you can go freeway speed, you're probably not at risk of getting a ticket with it.

Additionally, it gets about 85 miles to a charge, and can charge to 80% full in just 45 minutes. Yep... definitely a concept car so far, but we still like it.

More details are on the way when the concept appears at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Check out more images at the eMercedesBenz.

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