Smart Cars Turned Into Mini Tanks (With Video)

On the Lighter Side...

Smart cars can be great little urban cars, but for some people, they aren't exciting enough. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts have fixed that by doing all kinds of things to the diminutive ForTwo, including, among others, putting in a high-revving motorcycle engine in place of the tame factory diesel and putting monster tuck wheels on it. The craziest mods that I've seen are probably the "tank" conversions. Check out the video below for a ForTwo with tracks on the rear wheels.This is not particularly green, though if you're going to go off-road, this is probably greener than a big off-road SUV or pickup. But mostly, it's just a fun video and photo. Don't do this at home. Instead, pick up your mountain bike...

Via The Car Connection (found via Stumbleupon), Youtube

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