Smart Cars doing Dumb Things


Smart Cars are pretty popular in Canada, but they still turn heads. All kinds of people are using them as marketing tools, and in the current local elections some are using them as the prop-du-jour to grab the green vote. Carolyn Parrish, tossed out of the last federal government for, among other things, stomping on a George Bush voodoo doll on TV, is running for a local City Council and tools around in one, promoting her environmental concern. Others use them in more credible and clever ways.


Our local Muskoka councillor Margaret Casey, who has better environmental credentials, deserves to be re-elected just for driving the thing around in a part of the country with six feet of snow, and posts this in her literature. We are certain every other politician up there is in a pickup or an SUV.


a local property management company bought thirty-seven and did a humourous campaign.


This is the most TreeHugger correct one- it has an Envirolet composting toilet on the roof.


This one was done up like the easter bunny by Lindtt Chocolates.


as a local blogger said: "I know gas prices are expensive, but really, how much stuff can you deliver with a smartcar???"


in a similar vein, a local moving and storage company uses a Smart car with trailer, for really small moves. We suspect it is more for promotion; we happen to know that their other car is a Hummer H1.

We know that they have been doing this in Europe and Australia- if you have any pictures of cool mods of smart cars, send them to lloyd (at) idea from ::Toronto Star