Smart Car: Smart Changes?


great licence plate seen in Toronto last night

They have changed the smart car for the American market and not everyone is thrilled, since that will be the standard in Canada as well. A commenter in a recent post wondered about the fuel efficiency of the new version so we had a look to see what the changes were.

-it is going to be a bit heavier; the original had plastic body panels around the safety cell; the new version will have steel doors.
-it is over seven inches longer and almost two inches wider. One reviewer said that the extra width and wheelbase improve the handling significantly, and the "cabin is now more roomy, even for two six-footers. Indeed, the cabin has improved greatly."
- the 45 HP 800cc three cylinder diesel is being replaced with a 61 HP to 84 HP turbocharged gasoline engine, which does not make biodiesel fans happy. However it does still get over sixty miles to the gallon.
-the instrumentation is being changed for greater crash safety.


tridion "safety cell"

So it won't be quite as fuel efficient or as tiny, and we will miss the diesel, but we hope it becomes as popular in the States as they are in Canada. ::SmartUSA
for those worried about safety, read here from the ::Canadian site

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