Smart Car Inventor Dreams up Fuel Cell Car

Nicholas Hayek is the CEO of Swatch, the company behind hundreds of funky and unique watch designs. He is also one of the brains behind the Smart car, which ended up being produced in cooperation by DaimlerBenz and Swatch. He has also recently announecd that he is dreaming up a new model of car, which will hopefully make as big a splash as the Smart has. He explains that it will be a fuel-cell car, designed with efficiency in mind, "I want to do whatever I can to accelerate the development of alternative and renewable technologies. Switzerland is going very slowly on this path, as the rest of the world."The engine will probably be developed in collaboration by Swiss Group E and Villingen's Paul Scherrer Institute, and will cost about $15-21 million in R&D.; The finished vehicle is expectred to cost less than 60,000 Euros, and will be released in 2010.

Hayek isn't the only creative mind who has announced that they are developing a green car recently. Gordon Murray, the man behind the incredible, but not very economical, McLaren F1, announced that he is developing a small and efficient commuter car. "You won’t get in it, sit in it or put luggage in it like a normal car. This will not be just another small big car; it’s just different." He aims to get the first prototypes working within two years, and then license it to big manufacturers within four years. ::Yahoo!