Small Cars are HOT, Prius Hybrid Waiting Lists are Getting Longer


Automakers Can't Keep Up with Small Car Demand
Sales of the Toyota Prius hybrid car are down 26% in June, but that's not because there is less demand for it, rather the opposite. Toyota just can't make them fast enough and waiting lists are getting longer, with about a six month average. And that might just be the start: "In a J.D. Power survey, 72 percent of U.S. consumers said they were interested in buying a hybrid."

Honda Becomes #3 in US Thanks to Small Cars
Honda swam upstream and, unlike other automakers, actually sold more cars, outselling Chrysler for the second consecutive month in June to become #3 in the U.S. market thanks to record demand for its Fit subcompact car and Civic sedan (which is also available as a hybrid). Small cars are back, but how about we have more Ciclovia-style street closures too? Via Reuters

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