Slow Motoring? Solar Powered Cruise Car Kudo is Street Legal

cruise car kudo solar electric vehicle photo

photo: Matthew McDermott

Though most of the time when TreeHugger covers electric cars, we’re talking about hybrids, plug-in electric concept vehicles—basically substitutes for vehicles now powered by fossil fuels—some of which even putting the Porsche 911 to shame in terms of speed. Well, the folks at Cruise Car are aiming at the other end of the electric automobile market.

By looking at it, you might not think that the Cruise Car Kudo Solar is street legal, but if you add optional seat belts, turn signals and some other accessories you can drive a solar-powered vehicle around your neighborhood...very slowly. Here are the specs:49 Solar Powered Miles at 25 Miles-per-Hour
The Kudo Solar seats four in the configuration they had at Solar Power International, but also comes in 6, 8, 11 and 14 passenger versions. The four-passenger version can travel up to 49 miles at a maximum speed of 25mph.

So, even if you kit it out with the necessary accessories to make it street legal you probably don’t want to vary far from the recommended applications such as in planned communities, golf courses, resorts, commercial business or academic campuses, etc.

cruise car kudo solar electric vehicle photo

photo: Cruise Car

More at: Cruise Car.

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