Slow Down: the App for Rockin' Hypermilers

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Image: OVK Slow Down

Do you get the feeling your car likes to go faster when you're blasting a great song on your interactive media system? Come on, admit it: you are secretly rationalizing that if the car goes faster fueled by the music, it must not be using more gas. Sure, your eco-conscience screams "hypermiling is better" but your car just isn't listening.

Now there is an app that will help your car keep its speed in check when you are rocking out on the road. The video below explains how it works.

The Slow Down App from OVK on Vimeo.

The Slow Down App does just that: slows down your music if you are going over the speed limit -- up to ten miles an hour over the limit. Go faster, and the music stops altogether.

Slow Down is the work of Lucky Frame, a "crack team of highly talented musicians, designers and programmers." The App inspiration came from Happiness Brussels, working for the group OVK, which stand for Ouders van Verongelukte Kinderen (=Parents of Child Road Accident Victims). The utility of hypermiling, of course, pales in comparison to the benefit of saving a life that might have been lost in a speed-related traffic accident -- much less saving a driver a life of regrets.

So far, the app is somewhat Europe-oriented. It comes with three pre-set speed selections: 50, 90 and 120 km/hr (31, 56, and 75 mph). But the user interface is English, and settings of roughly 30 mph for the city and 55 mph for highway driving could be useful in a lot of locations. While the settings are somewhat limited, the cost is right: the Slow Down app is free. According to Patrick from Happiness Belgium, "depending on the success of the app, we might consider making other versions, adapted to other parts of the world."

Also, we will have to Ask Pablo if running down an i-thingy battery by constantly running the gps to calculate current speed offsets the hypermiling benefit. Better yet, perhaps the concept can be integrated to use a real-time feed from the speed monitoring equipment that comes standard with every car. Car companies developing concepts like Eco:drive should pay attention.

Interested? Try the Slow Down App from iTunes.

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