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Previous electric-car owners and those looking to eliminate gas bills have something to cheer about, as do city-dwellers and fans of golf-carts as more electric cars, and more affordable electric cars are now hitting the market. While car dealerships are already applying for the cars, you too can skip the middle-man and purchase your own Wheego Whip direct. The Wheego Whips begin shipping out in May 2009, and, as we've reported before, if you've ever driven a SmartCar in Europe or Canada, then you have a pretty good idea of what you're getting in terms of size and transport.The Wheego Whip, by RTEV, is the street-legal electric car the company makes. They also make the "Ruff & Tuff," which is the recreational electric car. On a single charge, in optimal conditions, the car gets upwards of 60 miles. The only downside is that the car only goes 25 MPH and has to stay in areas that are marked 35 MPH or less. Inner-city dwellers and lovers of back-roads will be fine, particularly if you don't drive daily or don't have a far commute. Sounds like you can even go several days on one charge. Currently the car averages a cost of $.03 cents per mile.

While the car is a two-seater, it comes with all of the other standard accessories of a compact car - including air conditioning, keyless entry and an mp3 stereo system. The cars retail for $19,000 but there is a 10% federal tax credit in 2009 which helps take the edge off. The car is currently only sold as a LSV or Low Speed Vehicle, but when it is approved as a full speed car, the federal tax rebate will come to $7,500USD.

Bonuses For First-Time Whip Owners

If you purchase the Whip and want to upgrade when the full speed vehicle comes out, the company will calculate the trade in value as the full price of the car minus 2% for each month you have owned the car. In addition, you will still be able to claim the $7,500 federal tax credit on your upgrade. If you want to upgrade batteries (next year), also not a problem, as the company will only charge you the difference between the purchase price of your Whip and the MSRP of the Whip with lithium ion batteries.If your friend purchases a Wheego too, you get a "Wheego Friendzee" $250 cash rebate back from the company.

In a variety of colors (white, red, blue, black or silver), the Whip is one small step in alternative transportation. :Wheego
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