Six Amazing Hypermiling Videos

Hypermiling Picked Up By Mainstream Media
High gas prices are not without certain advantages — from fewer traffic deaths to increased mass transit ridership, paying more at the pump can certainly concentrate the mind to seek alternatives. We've already noted that hypermiling is getting more popular, and it seems like the mainstream media is beginning to take notice. From this CNN article on curbing aggression behind the wheel to The Guardian's motoring correspondent's new found enthusiasm for the "zen-like" experience of hypermiling, each new report brings the concept of hypermiling to a wider audience — an audience that is more-likely-than-not paying closer attention as the prices keep rising. So we thought it might be useful to put together a roundup of hypermilers hitting the headlines. The video above comes to us from NBC Richmond, and shows Jim Kelley, a prominent hypermiler, using his pulse-and-glide technique to achieve 80mpg in a Prius. Click below the fold for more examples from news stations around the country.

Wayne Gerdes - Hypermiler Extraordinaire
CNN interviews Wayne Gerdes, whose arsenal of fuel saving techniques ranges from the typical (planning ahead, combining trips, sticking to the speed limit etc) to the somewhat extreme (Wayne pushes his car to get it rolling before starting the engine).

Dan Bryant - Hypermiling Like Your Grandma
Houston's KHOU Channel 11 features an interview with Dan Bryant, who, according to his wife, "drives like a grandma" — from coasting wherever possible, to sticking to the speed limit, to insulating under the hood and picking routes that avoid stop signs, Dan manages 79mpg. He even offers free classes to others wanting to learn his techniques. (Interesting to note that this report comes from the days when gas cost $2.89 a gallon!)

John Engles - Hypermiling Doesn't Mean You Have to Hold Up Traffic
CNN features another interview with a hypermiler, this time it's the turn of John Engles, who has installed aerodynamic hub caps and an internal aerial, and carefully chooses his routes to avoid hills — nice to see he is also courteous about not holding up other traffic.

Howcast - The Ins and Outs of Hypermiling
Moving from the broadcast media to the internet, Howcast offers a how-to of hypermiling techniques, including a sensible distinction between dangerous techniques (drafting trucks or over inflating tires) vs. safe hypermiling, such as installing hood insulation, parking on downhills, keeping the AC off etc.

SAAB Covers the Basics of Better Gas Mileage
And finally Saab's "automotive 101" series offers a roundup of simple tips for increasing your gas mileage, including checking tire pressures, changing dirty air filters, lightening your load, and slowing down.

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