Silence PT2 Electric Three-Wheeler: Electric Eye Candy


The Tango and Tesla Roadster have done a lot to perpetuate the idea that electric vehicles could be fast and sexy; if there are any doubters left, we present the three-wheeled Silence PT2 for your consideration. This diminutive ride measures 13 feet wide, six feet long and weighs in a 900 pounds, but has a range of 125-250 miles and can push the speedometer past 125 mph. Born from the partnership between EBW (Electric Big Wheel) and T-Rex, Silence Inc. took the two companies' specialties (EBW made electric go-karts, T-Rex made high-speed 3-wheelers from motorcycle and formula technology) and combined them to produce the PT2, which is slightly reminiscent of Volkswagen's GX3. The company is taking orders for deliver later this spring (the price tag: a cool $50,000 CAD, about $42,000 USD), and while they don't explicitly note street legality, T-Rex's similar-looking souped up go-karts are, so we wouldn't be entirely surprised to see them cruising down the street soon...just don't challenge one to a race. ::Silence Inc. PT2 via ::AutoblogGreen