Should We Be Happy or Sad? Survey Finds Most Americans Support Hybrid Cars But Won't Buy Them


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Or Indifferent?
A new survey released by Johnson Controls contains some encouraging statistics about Americans, but also some discouraging and even puzzling ones (about 30% of people who answered think that hybrids should be less expensive than comparable gasoline-powered cars). The good news is that 90% of US adults are open to choosing a hybrid if they were in the market for a new vehicle, which shows that at least people aren't scared of them anymore. Read on for more details.

Johnson Controls writes:

In fact, 90 percent of U.S. adults are open to choosing a hybrid if they were in the market for a new vehicle. However, they also perceive major obstacles to such a purchase today, most notably cost concerns: Four in five adults (80%) think financial barriers such as purchase price and/or insufficient cost savings prevent people from buying a hybrid car. At the same time, most see incentives and tax credits as an effective way to encourage consumers to purchase hybrid cars (84%). Among adults who do not already own a hybrid, more than one in three (35%) would buy a comparable hybrid vehicle as long as it was priced the same as the gasoline-powered equivalent, and more than one in five (23%) would be willing to pay more. However, one-third would expect to pay less.

One interesting thing to note: Reducing our impact on the environment comes third among reasons why the US should be a leader in hybrid cars (with 64%). First is "reducing the nation's reliance on foreign oil (81%)" and second is "creating jobs (67%)".

While the current crop of hybrid cars are far from being truly green, the most fuel efficient of them are better than current gasoline-only cars and their acceptance into mainstream culture is paving the way for the next step (plug-in hybrid cars, battery electric cars, etc).

Via Green Car Congress
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