Should a Green Writer Buy a Hybrid?

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Having lived in New York City for five years, I've come to relish the car-less life. Honestly, I was never a huge fan of the things; I wasn't a natural driver, and I didn't care to be. I drove slowly and boringly (and sometimes poorly), often to the chagrin of my passengers. So I'm perfectly at home hopping on the subway and wandering around on foot.

But there are scant few places in the nation where you can get by without a car. Which is why Mother Jones' environmental reporter, Kate Sheppard, has decided she's going to buy one. And in a piece that I think deftly sums up the concerns of many conscious auto consumers, she details the pros and cons of opting for a hybrid. A standard, fuel efficient vehicle may get mileage that's just as good, since she'll be using the car primarily on long trips. But by buying hybrid in general, she does her little bit in signaling demand for the vehicles. Question for Kate: What about an electric? The hybrid is already something of an established market -- opting for a Volt may do the most good of all (if you have an extra $10K, that is ...)

Anyways, read the whole thing, especially if you're pondering buying a green car.

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