Shocking News: Americans Still Driving Solo


Notwithstanding higher gas prices, worries about global warming or peak oil, more Americans are driving alone to work than ever before. According to the Census Bureau, from 2000 to 2005 the share of people driving alone to work increased to 77%. More recent statistics indicate that little has changed even with 3 buck gas.

For most suburban commuters, "it's very hard to find someone to ride with, and it's very hard to find public transportation," said Alan Pisarski, author of "Commuting in America." "There aren't always a lot of options for people."

Car pooling has dropped and transit use is stable at only 4.7% of the population. AAA spokesman Geoff Sundstrom said commuters are willing to drive more fuel-efficient autos but are loath to give up the keys entirely, regardless of gas prices. He said many people equate carpooling and mass transit with "a decline in their personal standard of living. The freedom of mobility that comes with the use of a personal automobile is something we are very, very reluctant to give up as individuals," Sundstrom said. Of course, he is from the AAA and gets paid to spout such drivel. ::MSNBC