Shanghai Proposes a Different Kind of Bicycle Fashion

Shanghai Bike Fashion photo

Love the Marimekko knock-off rain boots. Via Shanghaiist.

The New York Times Magazine bicycle fashion spread of three Sundays ago was notable for its focus on Dutch city cycling bike styles, expensive suits that nearly none of us can afford, and a near complete absence of women. Well, Shanghai decided to give us a slightly different take on bike fashion over at Shanghaiist, and the result is definitely quirkier and more in line with an equal opportunity city biking aesthetic. Because China is the capitol of knock-offs, from Rolex watches to Little Kitty t-shirts, the fashion spread includes quite a lot of fashion fakes. Read on for more Shanghai bicycle fashion fun.

Shanghai Bicycle Fashion photo
Shanghai bike style versus New York bike style
What made the NYT Magazine spread a tad elitist was the idea that fairly expensive (around $2,000) Dutch-made city bikes are the new status symbol of the "Great Downturn" as the magazine put it. In the Shanghaiist version, Chinese "proletariat" bikes are featured instead, including Forevers and Flying Pigeons, which sell for significantly less (at least in China). However, it must be noted that the Shanghaiist (one of the city-centric blogs published by Gothamist) tongue-in-cheek spread wasn't exactly multi-cultural.

Shanghai Fake Bike Fashion photo

Fashion plus biking is cool in any city
What both the NYT spread and the Shanghaiist spoof have in common is the take on city bikes as a vehicle for expressing individual fashion sense. After all, you can better be seen tooling city streets in your bike that you can stuck in traffic in a car. Retailers are starting to get that, and bike fashion shows are cropping up from Salt Lake City to New York City. Via: Shanghaiist
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