Segways Illegal in the UK: The Guardian Asks Why

Are Segways Dangerous?
The Chinese Olympic anti-terror forces may be equipped with Segways, but in the UK the mere act of riding one can land you in trouble with the law. You see, according to Adharanand Finn of The Guardian the British government's response to the unveiling of the Segway was to publish its "Regulations for Self-balancing Scooters" which effectively banned the machine from all paths and roads due to the apparent dangers:
"Critics say the device is dangerous, which is why it was banned. However, the only two people ever known to have fallen off one are George W Bush and Piers Morgan - so, as Morgan himself wrote, the manufacture's claim that Segways are idiot-proof is still justified. In any case, plenty of other countries around the world seem to have accommodated them without suffering a sudden rise in mass collisions."

Apparently efforts are underway to legalise their use on bike paths, but it remains to be seen how quickly they will catch on. Even if the machine's are legalized, Finn points out that with a top speed of 12mph and a range of 24 miles, it seems a long shot to suggest that the Segway will replace many cars on our roads — bikes and walking may be more likely to lose out. Please let us know in the comments what you think — is the Segway a viable part of a low carbon future, or an expensive and dangerous distraction?

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