Seen In New York: Guilt By Association


New York City dwellers are notoriously car-less. And why wouldn't they be? The city boasts a robust transit system and generous sidewalks are ubiquitous throughout the five boroughs. Although a bit dangerous, the mostly flat terrain lends itself well to bicycle riding. In addition, parking is expensive and hard to come by. Auto insurance rates are among the highest in the nation. Rare is the occasion when a car is really needed; that's when we go online and book a Zipcar (similar to Flexcar).In light of these facts, one wonders why Verizon superpages, and online phone directory, choose to drape 4 floors of a building in the East Village in the text "WE KNOW WHERE TO GET A HYBRID CAR AROUND HERE."

Perhaps because they know that New Yorkers who really need a car want to be responsible citizens? Or could it be that Verizon wants to be a pal and help New Yorkers access up to $3400 in federal tax credits and (if the state legislature approves Governor Pataki's plan) more than $5,400 in savings through discounted highway tolls and state tax credits? It is tax time. Perhaps because hybrid cars hold their value and can often be sold used at the original sticker price or more? Perhaps because of the 10% discount that hybrid drivers get on their auto insurance? Or they because hybrid owners enjoy sailing past traffic in special HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes So many possible reasons

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