See for Yourself: Seattle's Link Light Rail is Awesome (Video)

seattle light rail photo

Image: StreetFilms
Stress-Free Green Commuting
We write a lot about how to reduce the impact of transportation and make our society less car-centric. Well, here's a good example: Seattle's relatively new Link light-rail. It currently has 13 stations that are all bike-accessible (with covered racks or lockers), and you can put at least 4 bikes in each train car. "Service is frequent, with headways as short as 7 minutes during rush hour, and never longer than 15 minutes. And like many of the newest American light rail systems, the stations feature copious art." Check out the video below (especially if you have any political power or are an urban planner!).

Check out the future expension plans. For more about transit in Seattle, check out Seattle Transit Blog.

Any readers from Seattle can share their thoughts on the Link light rail? What has your experience been like?

Via StreetFilms
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