Second-Generation Smart Fortwo Selling Like Hotcakes

Smart Fortwo

In a year, sales of the second-generation smart fortwo have gone up 80%, reaching 100,000 units in 37 countries. Italy and Germany represent the biggest chunk of new smart fortwo sold, with about 2/3 of combined sales during the past year.

But the question we really want to ask Daimler is, where are the diesel-hybrid and electric versions? A few years ago they showed concepts of these, and the diesel-hybrid apparently got fuel economy of 2.9 liters/100 km (81 mpg US), and the EV had a range of 110 kilometers (62 miles), which would work for a urban car. It was good of Daimler to make a start-stop version of the smart, making the car up to 20% more efficient in city driving, but there's an opportunity for real leadership here. Competition is coming (the Toyota IQ, for example). ::Sales of New smart fortwo Hit 100,000 in First Year, ::smart delivers 100,000th second-generation ForTwo

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