Seat Launches Ibiza Ecomotive: 62mpg US


While Treehugger continues to be excited about hybrids, and of course plug-in hybrids, we can’t help but also be impressed with the efficiencies being achieved by the simple diesel engine – for example, we got particularly excited by the prospect of Honda bringing a diesel Accord to the US by 2010. Scrolling through the always informative Green Car Congress, we came across an item about the new Seat Ibiza Ecomotive, a compact diesel model with a US fuel economy rating of 62mpg. The car is apparently a direct competitor to the VW Bluemotion that we enthused about previously. We can’t find any word on whether the vehicle will be available in the US. However, reading up on Autoblog Green, it looks like it could be a big hit in the UK, where its low emissions ratings qualify it for exemption to the London congestion charge. The Ecomotive will also have the distinct advantage that with prices starting at UK£10,495 (US$21,000), it is considerable cheaper than many other exempt cars like the Prius, which start at about UK£18,000 (US$36,000). ::Green Car Congress::Autoblog Green::

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