Seat 61: Get There Without Flying

Sitting in Seat 61 on the Eurostar is Mark Smith, who runs Seat 61, a website designed "To help people who already know they want to travel by train or ship, ..... Many people prefer the experience of train travel, are afraid of flying, or want to avoid unnecessary flights for environmental reasons, but information can often be difficult to find. Second, to inspire people to do something more useful with their lives and their travel opportunities than going to an airport, getting on a plane, and missing all the world has to offer. There's more to travel than the destination - It used to be called a journey." Although UK based and Eurocentric, it does cover the rest of the world including the US, although limited to Amtrak and in Canada to Via Rail. We can't complain; he is doing this as a hobby. There are, of course, a lot of other ways to get around without flying besides trains; perhaps someone will be inspired by this to do a true green travel guide that includes bike tours, river boats, and biofuel bus tours. .::Seat 61 via ::Lifehacker

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