Scottish developer: all new homes will be electric vehicle ready

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When Atlanta mandated that all new construction be electric vehicle ready, I got excited. After all, the most common questions I get from homeowners wanting to go solar are about where they can charge, and how difficult it is to install charging at home.

While the fact is that you can charge anywhere that has a wall socket, most drivers are going to want to install an electric vehicle charging station. And doing so is a whole lot easier if the conduit, breakers and wiring are already installed at the time of construction.

That's why it's good news to hear that UK developer Springfield Properties is now promising that all of its new homes will include 7KW wiring at the most practical point for installing a charging point. Of course, it would be even cooler if the charging station itself was already installed—I suspect there's something about human nature that dictates if you've already paid for a charging station, then you may as well go out and get the car.

Still, this is a positive step for much wider electric vehicle adoption. And the first development to benefit will be Bertha Park near Perth, a 3,000-home community located along the A9 where the Scottish government is planning the country's first "electric highway" with charging points all along its route.

Channeling my inner Lloyd Alter, I did take a look on google maps to see how walkable this new community is. And while it appears to be on the outskirts of town on the other side of an industrial estate, the publicity images (see above) at least suggest that walking and biking infrastructure will also be taken into account. Also worth noting are the fact that Springfield is also offering "solar photovoltaic panels as an optional extra, the installation of smart, energy efficient hybrid boilers and the use of sustainable materials in the construction of its energy efficient timber-frame homes."

Scottish developer: all new homes will be electric vehicle ready
Wouldn't it be awesome if they added a bike shed too?

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