Scotland Yard Recruits Ampera PHEV for Police Work

Ampera Police Scotland Yard© Vauxhall

Winner of a Police Competition

It's no secret that most vehicles in Europe are more fuel-efficient than their counterparts in the United States. But this also goes for police cars, and Scotland Yard might just be getting the most efficient yet. The Vauxhall Ampera, which is basically the European cousin of the Chevrolet Volt, has won a competition created by the Association of Chief Police Officers Intelligent Transport Systems (ACPO ITS) to "demonstrate an electric vehicle that uses cutting-edge crime-fighting technology that could be introduced into active Police service by 2015."

The crime-fighting Ampera packs a lot of gear. It's a kind of rolling Big Brother (hopefully in the best way possible). It has:

- Four external-mounted cameras for evidence gathering
- Internal camera for facial recognition linked to the Police National Database
- The standard Ampera display screen modified to provide all information currently available to Police officers, for example Automatic Number Plate Recognition
- A second screen mounted on the passenger sun visor to allow the passenger to access all Police information
- New Police software that has been loaded with previous incidents and historic data that is run through complex algorithms to predict potential crime hotspots

Now I'm just waiting to see it doing a car chase in the James Bond movie...

Here's the regular version of the Ampera:

Ampera© Opel

Via Vauxhall, ABG

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Scotland Yard Recruits Ampera PHEV for Police Work
Is this what the police cruiser of the future will be like? High-tech gadgets inside the cabin, and high-tech motors and batteries under the hood.

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