Schwinn Sting-Ray gets a move on

Am in two minds about this one. OK, it sure looks cool. Undeniable. But will making, what is touted as the "the world's fastest selling bicycle of all time", into a souped-up electrical version be good for the planet? Adapting functional commuter bikes to electric models can encourage people out of their gas guzzlers onto transport that won't make them all sweaty. But will an electrified Sting-Ray be any more than a showpiece, without making a positive contribution to the transport dilemma? Time will tell. Released late May 05, it sports a battery pack that can be charged on-or-off the bike (it hides in the pseudo engine mount). A charge will allow the rider to hoon around at 14 mph (22.5 kph) for two hours. The James Dean look can be had for $399 USD. Big Thanks to Christian for the Tip. ::Schwinn [by WM]