Save Your Suitcase, Cut Your Carbon (A Little)

The overwhelming problem today with air travel is its huge carbon overhead. But there are also those smaller, nagging issues with taking a plane - endless security, bad (or nonexistant) food, lack of leg room - and when you've reached your destination, the possibility of lost luggage. A Swedish start-up, Kamen Ltd., is linking together the problem of luggage gone astray and CO2 emissions by selling a luggage-tracing ID tag with built-in carbon offsets. GreenBagTag is a combination of the GlobalBagTag ID system and pre-purchased offsets from the Carbon Neutral Company. There are 3 levels of GreenBagTag - a pale green card offsets .8 tons of CO2 for $36.95, bright green offsets 2.7 tons for around $82.00 and deep green offsets 6 tons for $164 - the tag is good for a year's registration of a bag owner's info in GlobalBagTag's database. Card can be re-tanked with additional CO2 offsets at
Finders of a misplaced tagged bag call GlobalBagTag which after ID'ing via the serial number (no personal info is on the tag) sends the owner an SMS with the bag's location info. GreenBagTag may not solve the problem of CO2 offsets doing too little to actually cut carbon, but they do save you from having to fill out those little paper luggage tags every time you go to the airport. Via:: (Swedish)
Luggage image courtesy of Chor Ip via Flickr

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