Save Money, Save Carbon Emissions: Share Your Next Taxi Ride to the Airport

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Yesterday I wrote about the comparative carbon emissions of taking a cab to the airport versus those of the flight as a whole. (In case you missed it, the cab ride is generally less than 1% of the trip, even less than 0.5%.) I got a comment pointing out that in New York, where my example was based, the emissions from people riding in taxis are still considerable—which is certainly true—and the person then touted a cab sharing service with which they were associated.

Now, normally this isn’t the best way to get noticed by TreeHugger (in fact we frown upon blatantly self promotional comments on posts) but the service is pretty interesting, so I thought I’d pass it on:Share Expenses, Emissions
The idea with CabEasy is that people post taxi rides that they are taking and then other users can browse these and chip in to share expenses and reduce the per person carbon emissions of the trip. Not a new idea, and there are plenty of other bulletin boards out there doing something similar (if in the middle of other services), but I like that it’s ride share specific.

Default Cities in US, Europe
While the site allows you to choose any city to post a trip to, when I checked today there were only trips scheduled in New York, Paris and London (of the default named destinations). Which points to the crucial issue with this sort of thing: People have to know it’s there and participate for it to reach its potential.

So next time you can’t/don’t want to take public transit to the airport (again, probably the best option...) and will have room in your cab why not try to split the cost and carbon emissions among more people?

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