Santa Monica Buys Electric Trucks After Suing Owner (Video)

santa monica electric ford ranger photo

Image credit: Gas2Electric Conversions

From London's massive commitment to electric vehicles to British Colombia's partnership with Nissan Leaf, city and regional governments are getting behind electrified transportation in a big way. Now the City of Santa Monica is getting on board too—announcing that it has taken delivery of its first all electric Ford Ranger pickup trucks, despite earlier suing the maker of the very same vehicles. Converted from standard Ford Ranger pickup trucks by Santa Monica based Gas to Electric inc, the vehicles are said to deliver a 35 mile range and a top speed of 55 mph. The purchase is all the more notable because of a legal case brought against Gas to Electric last December by the DMV and City of Santa Monica for allegedly manufacturing electric cars without a license. Having been exonerated of all charges, CEO Paul Pearson says this is an excellent example of how cities can move forward for greener transportation, even if the road is sometimes bumpy:

"To set aside any initial differences for the betterment of Santa Monica shows how committed city officials are to putting actions over words when it comes to sustainability. Santa Monica has shown not just the environmental benefits of green technology but the economic benefits as well. I'm confident that more cities will begin to emulate the model they've created. It's a 'win-win' for everyone."

Gas to Electric's promotional video for the trucks certainly suggests these will be a boon to the city's transportation fleet.

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