San Francisco Converts Entire Diesel Vehicle Fleet to Biodiesel

san francisco MUNI

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San Francisco hit another major green milestone earlier this week when Mayor Gavin Newsom announced that the city had converted its fleet of approximately 1,500 diesel vehicles to run on biodiesel - a month earlier than the goal it had set in 2006. Fire engines, ambulances and MUNI buses, amongst others, will now run on B20, a blend of 20% biofuel and 80% diesel fuel.

The city estimates the conversion will have the effect of displacing the equivalent of 1.2m gallons of diesel fuels every years. In addition, it will help to significantly cut down on the amount of diesel exhaust produced; the Bay Area is second only to (who else?) Los Angeles in the health impacts of diesel. Through its Biodiesel Access Task Force, the city is also pushing ahead with several other biodiesel initiatives, including the opening of the very first biodiesel fueling station in San Francisco. With its SFGreasecycle program, the city is hoping to one day be able to provide enough fuel for its entire municipal vehicle fleet by collecting waste grease for biodiesel conversion - as much as 6m pounds annually, or the equivalent of roughly 1m gallons of biofuel.

Via ::SFGov: Mayor Newsom Announces San Francisco's 1,500 Diesel Vehicle Fleet Now 100% Biodiesel (press release), ::Domestic Fuel: Frisco Now 100% Biodiesel (blog)

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