San Francisco Company Starts Green Commuter Service for High End Travelers

It's hard to get a high-end person out of their Lexus and onto a city bus or the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). But in an effort to green even these commuters, Bauer's Intelligent Transportation is expanding their luxury commuter service that appeals to the people used to first class traveling. The company runs a fleet of bio-diesel, EGR and propane vehicles that offer some perks to people wanting to take public transportation, like WI-FI, tables, electric ports, leatherette seats, direct TV, and IPod connections, even breakfast and coffee served by an attendant - things you don't normally find on a bay area city bus.

They're expanding their rides to include a weekday bus service that runs in Marin, San Francisco, and San Jose, helping to get commuters from all over the bay area out of their cars and into greener transportation. In addition, Wi-Drive goes places that Caltrain and BART don't, giving commuters no excuse not to share a ride.

Bauer's works to be net carbon negative through its use of biofuels, green driving skills by its drivers, and carbon offsets. Their hope is to fill each of the 52 seats in each bus with former car commuters, which would prevent 1,310 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere annually.

It's certainly not cheap - $8.20 one way on most routes - but the service is meant to appeal to those who wouldn't normally get out of their luxury cars into any old bus. And there's a possible perk:

The new bus service, called Wi-Drive, also will give San Francisco companies another way to comply with the city's new commuter benefits ordinance. The law, which took effect in January, requires businesses with 20 or more workers to reimburse employees for transit fares, offer them free shuttle service on company-funded vehicles or set up a payroll deduction that lets them use pretax wages to purchase transit passes.

Via SFGate
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