Sales of Full-Size SUVs Take a Dive in February

A couple weeks, ago Collin reported that Hybrid Sales Keep Going Up, Up, Up, which is always a good thing to hear (just wait until the Camry hybrid comes out). Another pleasant piece of news is that sales of full-size SUVs keep declining in the US: In one month, February, they dropped by 14% (from 120,376 to 103,566 units). GM says it is happy to have increased it's relative share of that declining market, but it is doubtful that GM management is really smiling much these days (see the "GM Deathwatch" series of editorials at The Truth About Cars). Ford has been hit the hardest with a 21.4% decline in sales.

Almost every time we write about SUVs, we get comments or emails about how they are needed and serve a purpose and all that. Sure, some people need to own a truck or a SUV. If you live on a farm and constantly tow things and do messy jobs. If you build houses for a living and must carry lots of equipment daily. But the problem is with people who confuse their real needs with their imaginary ones ("but what if someday I decide I want to go off-road!"), and people who do tow heavy things, but only a couple of times each year; they tow the boat to the water at the beginning of summer, and they tow it back when summer ends. That's it. It makes no sense to drive a 6000lbs monster the other 360 days of the year. They could just rent a truck when needed and it would be much more economical for their wallet and the environment.

::Sales of Full-Size SUVs Drop in February; GM Increasing its Share, ::Hybrid Sales Keep Going Up, Up, Up