Sailing the Mississippi in a Juice Container

sailing a juice-container boat up the mississippi photo.jpg

We've had some wild and wacky road trips before: sailing around the world in a boat made of recycled aluminium for one, but here's this summer's pick: sailing down the Mississippi River in a boat made of juice cartons. The inspiration comes from origami and now Rhys Jones, who is only 22 years old, has almost completed work on his boat. It is 12 feet long, and has a wooden cabin encased in a hull made of cartons. The skipper's description of it: "Just imagine a garden shed wrapped in paper. It's not quite as pretty as a garden shed though - it's the ugliest thing you've ever seen."

The father and son duo will be wending their way along the longest river in the US, a mere 4,000 miles, up against alligators, whirlpools, storms and bad food (who would turn on a stove in that vessel?). The daredevil is the youngest person to climb the 7 highest mountains in 7 different continents so he does have a certain fanatical streak. As he says: " It's a challenge to see if it can be's different and also environmentally friendly." They plan to recycle the boat at the end of the journey. Anchors aweigh. :: Metro News

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