Safeway Switching Truck Fleet to Biodiesel in Arizona

safeway truck

Hot off the heels of British counterpart Tesco's recent move to invest in a fleet of electric vans for home delivery, Safeway Inc. has just announced its decision to switch its truck fleet to run on B20 biodiesel in Arizona. Its fleet of 79 trucks has been retrofitted to now run on a 20% biodiesel blend made from domestically produced virgin soybean oil.

According to Nikki Daly, a Safeway spokeswoman, the conversion should reduce the company's carbon dioxide emissions by roughly 3,603 metric tons — or what she equates to the yearly carbon output of 780 cars. The company will also sell biodiesel at two converted diesel fuel stations in Tucson. Now how about making that fleet conversion a national move?

Via ::Arizona Daily Star: Safeway trucks switch to biodiesel fuel (newspaper), ::Green Car Congress: Safeway to Run Trucks on B20 (blog)

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Image courtesy of didbygraham via flickr